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Moving Due To Disrepair

Moving out may be the best option if you are living in a home with serious disrepair and if your landlord has asked you to move out so repair work can be carried out, you may not have much choice except to move out.

If you have been asked to move out it is recommended to speak to a solicitor to check if it is necessary to move. A solicitor can also confirm whether the landlord is following the correct legal procedure and see if any rights you have are protected.


Do you want to leave?

If the disrepair in your home is serious you may want to find another property, especially if your landlord is not cooperating. If this is your plan of action ensure you terminate your tenancy agreement correctly or you may be payable for rent even after you have left.

You may still take legal action even if you have left the property. In the case where you have a few months on your tenancy agreement (e.g. six month agreement) and you decide to vacate the property before the agreed time your landlord may ask you to pay rent for the entire duration of your tenancy. However, you can claim for damages if the landlord refuses to carry out repairs and breaks the agreement.

What if it is reasonable to stay?

If the state of your home is very serious and you may have to move out, you can submit a homeless application to your local council who may have the responsibility to relocate you to another property.

Applying as homeless is not the same as being on a waiting list for a permanent home. If you cannot get suitable help from the council it is recommended to find a local advice centre who can offer assistance.

Has your landlord asked you to leave?

A landlord has to have a legal reason to evict a tenant; your rights depend upon the type of tenancy you hold.

If your landlord does not follow the correct procedure the eviction may be illegal and if they try to forcibly evict you they would be guilty of harassing you.

It is recommended to speak to your local council for advice.

Do you have a court order to leave during repairs?

Your landlord may obtain a court order to evict you, or a court order that instructs you to leave temporarily while repairs care carried out. If you move into another property during repairs, and your tenancy period is not complete you may be able to claim the cost of the move and the alternative accommodation back from your landlord.

Moving back after repairs

Ensure you get written permission to move back in after repairs before you agree to go.

Housing Disrepair Claims

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No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.