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Making a claim in rented accommodation

In order to decide who is responsible for disrepair within a rented accommodation the details should be outlined in a written tenancy agreement. It is important for tenants to check their housing agreements before issuing a complaint about housing conditions as some landlords do evict their tenants for enforcing their legal rights to repair.

In cases where there is no written tenancy agreement, the law may give tenants some basic rights.

If a tenant decides to ask his/her landlord to take responsibility for repair within a rented accommodation, the tenant must write out a description of the problem and collect any evidence of the issue at hand. Include medical reports if the disrepair has affected your health.

If your landlord fails to take responsibility for the repair, the tenant can decide to take legal action against the landlord over the disrepair. In cases where the landlord is part of a housing association or is a private landlord, the local authority may be able to force the landlord to take action. If you are a tenant of the council itself, then a complaint should be made.

A claim can be made by a tenant against his/her landlord for:

  • Damage to belongings
  • Damage to health
  • Inconvenience as a result of the disrepair
  • Reduction of rent or the rebate of rent

Damage to belongings can include:

  • Clothing, curtains and bedding damaged as a result of dampness or mould
  • Carpets and furniture damaged by water leaks
  • Compensation can be made against items damaged while repair work was going on


Health problems relating from the disrepair can be physical or mental and the claim will depend on the severity of the illness.

Compensation relating to any inconvenience experienced will depend upon the level of disrepair and the effect it has had. It is important to remember that only tenants can claim for inconvenience and not other guests in the accommodation.

Housing Disrepair Claims

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No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.