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Issues with your landlord

If your home is in need of repair work it is important to inform your landlord. Occasionally, they may fail to cooperate causing more issues with your landlord along with stress and further damage to the property and your belongings.

There are steps to take if your landlord is ignoring requests for repair work or is taking too long to complete the job.  Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure that certain defects in your property are repaired in reasonable time.

  • Inform your landlord that repairs are needed; landlords are only responsible for repairs they have been informed of. Sending your landlord a letter detailing the issues is a good way to ensure they are fully aware of what needs repairing.

If issues with your landlord continue and you receive no reply or update about the repairs, contact them again.

  • It is important to keep a record of the details surrounding the necessary repairs. This can include photographs of damage, receipts for anything you have purchased to replace damaged belongings and any professional reports or bills you have relating to the repairs.

Additionally, keep copies of all letters and emails you have sent to your landlord to prove you made them aware of what needed fixing.

  • Though you do not have the right to withhold the rent on the basis that repairs have not been carried out, though in some circumstances it may be possible to arrange for the repairs to be done, deducting cost from your rent, if correct procedures are followed.

If the correct procedure is not followed you could create further issues with your landlord, risk eviction and may incur the cost of putting right any repairs.

  • Lastly, you may be able to take legal action to claim compensation for the inconvenience caused, any damage to your personal belongings and any problems with your health resulting directly by the landlord not carrying out repairs.

Housing Disrepair Claims

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No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.