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The Process for Claiming Housing Disrepair Compensation

To claim for Housing Disrepair, you should think about the Ministry of Justice's process for doing so, their rules help decrease the likelihood of you having to go after a claim in court when it really is unneeded to do so.

First of all, deliver your landlord an Early Notification Letter this ought to consist of a statement of your problems and your purposes to claim. It should consist of the following items of information:

  • The tenant’s title, the address of the property or home and contact details.
  • Information of the defects and any problems outstanding.
  • Any particulars of previous communication with the landlord concerning the grievance.

You ought to also ask for some documents from your landlord, which includes your tenancy contract and documents relevant to repair works on the property.

It might be the case that will an Early Notification Letter encourages your landlord to act properly and you will not require to take the case any further more. Nevertheless, if action is not started your Early Notification Letter ought to be quickly tailgated by a Letter of Claim.

In the Letter of Claim the Claimant will provide information of the problem defects, which includes any defects exceptional, in the form of a routine, if suitable. They will also offer information of any notification formerly provided to the landlord of the require for repair or info as to why the tenant feels that the landlord has understanding of the need for restoration. Lastly, the impact of the defects on the tenant will be provided. This might include information of personal injury claims to be produced, or which have been produced against the landlord. It will also consist of information of any special damages - this pertains to damage to particular items, such as clothing, furnishings, or other personal possessions.

The landlord ought to reply inside 20 working days of the invoice of the initial letter of communication, be this Early Notification or the particular Letter of Claim itself, based on the course of actions you have selected to take. If the landlord does indeed reply, one should get the property or home by an expert inside 20 working days of the invoice of the response and proof of the defects must be gathered. The claim process will certainly begin from right here onwards.


To begin your housing disrepair claim, please call us on +44 1626 248 608. A housing disrepair claim can be a complex process. It’s our duty to make it as swift and simple as possible. We make this possible by working with the most experienced and successful solicitors who work solely in this sector.

Upon contacting us, we will examine your case and see if you are entitled to a housing disrepair claim and compensation. We are heavily committed to each case we take on and promise to perform to the highest level in winning you your claim.

Housing Disrepair Claims

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No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.