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Housing Solicitors for Council House Disrepair

The use of housing solicitors for council house disrepair is becoming increasingly common among tenants who believe the council is being negligent in their actions or rather, inactions. While it can seem both daunting and may be a little extreme to engage the services of housing solicitors, it can sometimes be the only way to actually get the housing disrepair issue resolved.

Specialist Housing Solicitors for Council House Disrepair

Our team of housing solicitors are specialists in this area of law and only work on housing disrepairHousing Solicitorscompensation claims. Because of this knowledge they can make quick, accurate and efficient assessments of potential council housing disrepair claims. This helps with the clients as they are given professional advice which means they then understand where their claim sits in this area of law.  

Using Housing Solicitors for Council House Disrepair Claims

If you have council house disrepair, housing solicitors may be the only avenue open to you. Councils are large institutions and your complaints can often be directed to the wrong person or even department. Our housing solicitors understand how councils work and have contacts in many of them. This helps us to progress your case quickly which ultimately means getting your council house disrepair issue resolved quickly.

Range of Council House Disrepair Claims

As housing solicitors we have seen a huge range of council house disrepair claims, ranging from damp to asbestos. All of these types of council house disrepair should be reviewed by the council and then resolved. Sometimes tenants do cause some of the issues and this can obviously impact on making a successful disrepair claim but, issues like asbestos are invariably not down to the tenant and so the council should resolve these.

Whatever the council house disrepair is that you are currently dealing with, using housing solicitors can help resolve the issue. Contact us today to discuss how our housing solicitors can help you. Please call on 01626 248608, online or use social media to arrange a free consultation with one of our housing solicitors.

Housing Disrepair Claims

To start your housing disrepair claim today or to find out more about claiming ... or give us a call for free on 01626 248608 and speak with one of our advisers.

No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.