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Housing Disrepair claims advice

Renting a house can be a rewarding yet stressful task. The landlord of a property must ensure that all elements of this property meet the appropriate safety regulations and any faults or problems are met with the appropriate repairs. When these necessities are not met correctly the result could be a housing disrepair claim.

If the landlord has been informed on these housing repairs, yet has not proceeded in resolving them within a specific time limit, then the next step is to contact a housing solicitor and enquire about housing disrepair claims.

What are Housing Disrepair claims?Housing Disrepair claims

There are a variety of different factors that constitute as housing disrepair. Elements of housing disrepair claims range from damaged furniture, to unpleasant faults in and around the house as a result of landlord disrepair. If these situations sound familiar then there are enough grievances to support a housing disrepair claim

There are many common housing repair claims that we deal with. For example a common claim as a result of housing disrepair is due to a variety of health hazards such as poor sanitation or vermin etc. These health hazards can cause serious affects to your home and wellbeing and can put you at risk; creating the perfect claim to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Other factors related to housing disrepair claims are:

Each housing disrepair claim is different and compensation varies in relation to the individual and their case. Your housing disrepair claims can vary from claiming for medical costs, to seeking compensation for damage or health risks within your housing establishment.

Our housing disrepair claims help

Our specialist housing solicitors are here to help with all housing disrepair claims. Our knowledge

on various claims gives you the best chance of seeing if you have a claim, and we can help you gain compensation and solve your housing problems.

As with any claims case any form of evidence is a must in order to make the best case for your disrepair claim.

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Housing Disrepair Claims

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No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.