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Disrepair in a Council Property

Regardless of who your landlord is if you are suffering housing disrepair that your landlord is failing to fix you should consider seeking legal advice. It is not uncommon for us to come across cases that involve disrepair in a council property.


Types of Disrepair in a Council Property

There are different types of disrepair that can be present in a council property and it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure the property is safe to live in and in a good state of repair; failure to do this can result in a housing disrepair claim for compensation being made.

Disrepair in a council property may include: disrepair-in-a-council-property

  • Damage to personal belongings
  • Damage to windows and doors
  • Interior disrepair e.g. wallpaper
  • Poor drainage
  • Blocked gutters
  • Broken roof
  • Cracks in exterior walls
  • Mould

When making a housing compensation claim for disrepair in a council property it is important to note down all the disrepair present and the damage it has caused. Additionally, if any personal injury or suffering has been caused by the disrepair in the council property this is also important to note.

Evidence is required when making a claim for disrepair in a council property and photographs, medical reports and proof of conversations between you and the landlord in regards to the disrepair are helpful.

Making a Housing Disrepair Claim

To make a housing disrepair claim for disrepair in a council property it is key to seek legal advice as soon as possible as time limits do apply and making a claim too late can prevent you from claiming the compensation you deserve. Contact our housing disrepair solicitors team today on 01626 248 608 or contact us online to discuss making a housing disrepair claim.

Housing Disrepair Claims

To start your housing disrepair claim today or to find out more about claiming ... or give us a call for free on 01626 248608 and speak with one of our advisers.

No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.