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Council Houses in Disrepair

Most people at some stage in their life will have driven through a council estate and may well have been surprised at the sheer number of council houses in disrepair that they saw. It is quite a sad state of affairs but the number of council houses in disrepair should not come as any surprise.

Council Houses in Disrepair are of no surpriseCouncil Houses in Disrepair

Council houses, council accommodations of any type really, undergo a huge amount of ‘wear and tear’ during their existence. Council accommodation from the 1970’s and even further back can still be seen across the UK. The council property will, therefore, have several tenants during its ‘lifespan’, each impacting on the condition that previous tenants have left it in. It is a disappointing fact that for many who don’t own the property in which the live, the care they show the property is not as high as it should be. This can ultimately result in the council property falling into disrepair, something which is unfair on the tenant who lives there if they have not contributed to this damage.

Consult a Specialist Housing Disrepair Solicitor

If you are a council tenant living in a council house in disrepair then you do have options to consider in order to get the housing disrepair fixed. To understand what these options are it is best to consult legal advice, a specialist housing disrepair solicitor. This may seem extreme but it is a sensible decision.

Legal Help to Resolve your Council House in Disrepair

Dealing with council houses in disrepair can be complicated, governed by lengthy and often complex legal regulations. In order to ensure that you understand the available avenues open to you it is preferable to have these explained to you in a clear, concise and ‘jargon free’ manner. Our team of specialist housing disrepair solicitors are widely experienced and will be able to assess your situation both quickly and professionally.

With an initial free consultation it really pays dividends to speak to a professional so you understand how the problem of council houses in disrepair can be resolved. Contact us today on 01626 248608, online or use social media and we’ll arrange a meeting at your earliest convenience.

Housing Disrepair Claims

To start your housing disrepair claim today or to find out more about claiming ... or give us a call for free on 01626 248608 and speak with one of our advisers.

No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.