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Compensation with Housing Disrepair Claims

Are you dealing with problems living in your own home? Do you believe that your landlord is not paying sufficient attention to its repair? If so, then you need to certainly confirm the tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement will support you decide whether or not the landlord is transgressing on your legal rights. It is essential that you discuss the problem with the landlord, before turning to any legal procedure. To obtain a complete compensation on property repair, you should get in touch with our respected housing disrepair solicitors.

Disrepair in your living spot could be a chance to your health, increase to your stress, or damage your possessions. In such circumstances, a legal claim application can show to be the right solution.

It is the responsibility of the landlord to sustain the exteriors and interiors of any residence they rent. If you have informed them about an issue in the house, a landlord is required to carry out a proficient repair, within an affordable amount of time. In the failing to do so, you have just about every right to document a claim against him.

Disrepair consists of the non-maintenance of set ups like doors and windows and skirting. In the shortage of properly maintained services, it is essential to look at a lawful solution. Disregarding these problems can result in financial & personal deficits over the long term.

There is a procedure to be followed in all house disrepair claims. It is important to serve legal notice, explaining the disrepair problems. You should list the details of the first date of the problems, and its duration. Ensure that you have given the landlord a reasonable amount of time, and proper notification.

This kind of notification and paperwork such as the tenancy agreement will need to be maintained properly. These establish the quality of the claim. Proclaiming house disrepair compensation is a very complex process. A solicitor can prove very beneficial under these types of circumstances. A skilled solicitor can help you realize the process for filing disrepair claims.

You can also record a claim for any belongings damaged and ruined because of to the landlord’s negligence. This consists of bedding, clothes & curtains that have been completely spoilt by wetness and mould.

In addition to these, you can likewise submit a claim for furniture or carpets ruined by water seeping from burst pipes. You can in addition claim compensation for stuff damaged or broken whilst the repair work was being completed. An individual can also claim compensation if anybody in the house has been wounded as an outcome of the house disrepair.

You will have to demonstrate the connection involving the disrepair and the wellbeing problems. The disrepair would not have to be the trigger of the health problems, but it need to have been a adding factor.


To begin your housing disrepair claim, please call us on 01626 248 608. A housing disrepair claim can be a complex process. It’s our duty to make it as swift and simple as possible. We make this possible by working with the most experienced and successful solicitors who work solely in this sector.

Upon contacting us, we will examine your case and see if you are entitled to a housing disrepair claim and compensation. We are heavily committed to each case we take on and promise to perform to the highest level in winning you your claim.

Housing Disrepair Claims

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No Win No Fee

*No Win No Fee: Our No Win No Fee policy only applies to cases involving council owned properties and those owned by housing associations. No Win No Fee does not apply in cases where the property is owned by a private or commercial landlord.